Crown equity release review 2024

*Updated December 2023*

Who is Crown?

Crown Equity Release is an independent capital provider that offers flexible, bespoke home reversion plans

The company was founded in 2001 and, unusually, its plans are funded and underwritten by private investors. This allows Crown to make high loan-to-value offers of up to 85% (in some cases) of a home's value. Because they underwrite each application individually, they can consider any property type.

Crown will only consider applications from clients referred to them by FCA-regulated Equity Release advisers including our chosen partner Age Partnership.

A note from our expert, Ashley:

This Crown equity review is one of a series of equity release reviews where we have assessed the leading providers to help you compare the plans on offer and consider which may be best for you.

Is Crown a member of the Equity Release Council?

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Crown’s founder was one of the original directors of SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans), now replaced by the Equity Release Council.

Although Crown is not currently a member of the Council, its home reversion plans do adhere to the Council's Code of Conduct, so customers who choose a rent-free plan have the security of knowing they cannot be evicted from their home.

Crown Equity Release is regulated by FCA - Registration number 464925.

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Crown equity release plans in summary

  • With a Crown home reversion plan, the company will buy your property, or a proportion of it. You can then choose to receive the purchase price as a tax-free lump sum or in monthly instalments
  • Crown will pay between 30% and 62.5% of your home’s market price at the time. The exact amount will vary according to your age, gender, and whether you are making a joint application – for example, with your husband, wife or partner
  • Crown Equity Release is very flexible about which kind of property it will consider and will often accept homes that other lenders would refuse
  • You can choose whether or not to pay rent on your home while you continue to live there. If you agree to this, you will be able to borrow a larger sum. Rent payments could be 1%, 3% or 5%, depending on how much you've released

Eligibility criteria

You may be eligible for an equity release plan with Crown if: 

  • You are aged between 60 and 95 (if you are making a joint application, they will still consider you if one partner is under 60)
  • Your property is your main residence, worth between £80,000 and £1,000,000, (although higher value properties will be considered), and situated in England or Wales.

In some circumstances, Crown may also consider applications from two or more homeowners, or from property owners who do not currently live in the property.

Next steps

Find out how other equity release providers compare or try our free and easy-to-use calculator to see how much cash you could release from your home. It only takes a minute and you’re under no obligation to go any further.

If you’d like free expert advice to work out whether equity release is right for you, call 0800 133 7380 to speak to an adviser at Age Partnership.

Always seek professional advice when considering equity release and discuss your plans with your family. A suitably qualified financial adviser such as Age Partnership will ensure you are aware of the alternatives and fully understand what you are committing to.

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